5 Habits to Get Out of Your Head and Into the Life You Want

BY: Amyra Soriano

What’re your wildest dreams? The goals you think to yourself when the third Auntie asks you, “So, how’s school going?” or “Did you get a job yet?” 

Is it to headline Coachella? To find a cure for cancer? To travel 37 countries in six months? Dream big. And, most importantly, be specific. Where are you? Who’s sitting next to you? What kinda shoes are you wearing? Who do you wanna be? No filters. 

Sometimes, between the back-to-back Zoom classes or 9-5 hustle, our dreams might get lost. And I’m not saying to drop everything, buy a van, and embark on a cross-country immersion trip to find yourself. (But if that’s your thing, go for it.) I’m saying, take a step back and envision the life you want. Because that goal. That dream… is worth a shot. You are worth it. 

Think about it. You have this magnificent idea just waddling around in your head. Maybe you wanna start a podcast, film a series, or write a book. Maybe you’re the next real estate guru or Michelin-rated chef. Who knows? Its spark might be smaller than you’d like at the moment, but it’s definitely still lit. 

Behind closed doors, sometimes self-doubt has a way of creeping up on us, and let’s face it—we’re usually our own worst critic. So, here’s five ways to get out of your head and into the life you want: 

  1. Create a Mantra  

Mantras are kinda like affirmations to yourself. I mean, you give ‘em away to all your friends. Why not show yourself a little love too? Not only are you reducing stress and adding some positivity into your day, but you’re also manifesting your visions into reality.  

  1. Stand with Power 

Own your accomplishments. You’ve already won a bunch of times. Don’t forget about those W’s.  

  1. Let Go of Judgement 

Quit wondering, “What will they think?” and start asking yourself, “Do I like this?” and “Does this make me happy?” Other people’s opinions of you is just that – theirs. It’s none of your business.  

  1. Be Present  

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how you expect it to. But don’t get too caught up in what didn’t that you lose sight of what’s in front of you. Sure, when one door closes, another one opens. But you can’t move forward if you keep looking back.  

  1. Visualize Success 

Two words: brain dump. Whether you write it all out or create a vision board out of magazine cut-outs, as long as you get it out of your head and onto something solid, you’re a step closer. Map out measurable mini-goals you can take every week to reach your dreams. And next thing you know – you’ve made it.  

I don’t know what’s on your mind, but whatever it is, it’s an amazing idea. Follow what your soul says. Feed the fire and take the leap. Because if not now, when? 

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