5 Ways to Level Up Your LinkedIn

BY: Amyra Soriano

Whether you’re about to graduate or looking for a new gig, your LinkedIn should be on point. Plus, most job applications nowadays ask for a link to your profile.

LinkedIn is a digital platform that connects professionals worldwide. It’s basically your online resume. If you don’t have one yet, this is your sign – hop on and create an account now. And if you already do, here’s five ways to spruce up your profile:

1. Shine with Your Headline

· Your headline is your elevator pitch. You get 110 characters to make your mark and attract recruiters or future employers. While the basic headline defaults to your job title and company, you can add a little umph to it. Instead of just “Writer at Awesome Company” – why not Writer specializing in ~awesome topic here~? Alternative add-ons include accolades, expertise, or years of experience. Check out this article for some headline inspo.

2. Make Your Summary Count

· You’ve made it to the next round. The summary gets a little more detailed – approximately 500 words is a good bet. This section should talk about who you are, what you do, what you’ve done, and what you can do. Here are some samples of different types of summaries.

3. Celebrate your Experience

· Start with wins. Bullet point your most successful projects first followed by aspects of your job scope. You want this concise and straight to the point. Don’t forget to add volunteer experience you care about too!

4. Strategize Skills

· If you’re unsure of what to add as your top three, list out all of your relevant job skills and group them into similar categories. You may find that some skills fall under a larger umbrella, which might even work as your top three skills. Read more about top skills to list on LinkedIn.

· Look at descriptions of jobs you want and see how your skills are transferrable into the industry or position you’d like to move up in.

5. Spice up Your Profile

· When it comes to your profile picture, keep it professional. No one needs to know you double fisted at the party last night.

· Add samples of your work. Visuals can help make your profile pop.

· Create your own content. Update your status, share industry news, or write articles related to your field or the one you would like to step into.

Good luck on the job search and happy networking!

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